oh no oh no no my aunt’s cat that i grew up with passed away n ovno

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i’m probably more bothered by this than i should be but whatever

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uuuurgh someone i know tangentially just. they want things without having to work for them or going through the lower levels before they get to have a better position and it drives me nuts like

you’re unhappy because you weren’t given a more involved position right off the bat??? idk man that’s how it works. you get to be a pissmunching office pleb before you get to be trusted with more advanced stuff. that’s how like all of life works

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in a perfect world i am a magpie

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*sees a mans ego getting crushed*
*instant reblog*

Why just a mans? Thats sexist.

*instant reblog*

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Baby Bunny (x)

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wyn commenting to avery that he’s beautiful right as he’s waking up and he fusses so much about it she keeps telling him that all day




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well. that exam didn’t fuck me any harder than other arabic exams i’ve taken, so there’s that. i just

i’m so s l o w

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Maker, though the darkness comes upon me, I shall embrace the light. I shall weather the storm. I shall endure. What you have created, no one can tear asunder

Trials 1:10

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guys someone did it


This is disgusting Ill take twelve boxes

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