There are over 526 million black women in the world, all with different appearances, and your racist ass is going to say not liking black women is a ‘preference’, when the only damn thing they all got in common physically is their blackness? Sure, honey. 

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i put an obnoxious amount of time into that dishonored au pic so i’m gonna be goddamn obnoxious abuot reblogging it probably

just fair forewarning as you see it 10 times in the next few days

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Paging Dr. Agons

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dr agons



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dishonored au is that mishmash of three separate aus that i mentioned earlier (regular guard / prostitute, regular guard / dunwall-version courier, overseer / outsider-marked) - so it ends up being a progression, mostly.

tl;dr they both move up in the world, sort of. dubious promotions tbh. avery doesn’t necessarily want to be an overseer and wyn doesn’t necessarily want to have this fucking mark on her hand but it is what it is.

it burns and bleeds and she’s too wary of it to truly use it beyond? blink, probably. cf: dunwall version is intact and she tries to do her job as best she can while ignoring the damn thing and making sure no guards (besides avery, i suppose) see it. she’s already kind-of sort-of wanted for other reasons so she just keeps her head down. 

and they offered avery a pay raise and a dog, so. plus, who else is going to do it? they took volunteers because so many others had died, no childhood abduction as training necessary to join. prestige, kind of. or a direct representation of brutality in a crumbling city. he doesn’t know much what he stands for anymore. the mask itches and the music boxes give him a headache. 


more bbies

now that i’m Done with taht godsforsaken au pic i can go to bed

at a reasonable hour, actually. amazing

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how many of the seven strictures can an overseer break in a day? they’ll set a record. and be burned at the stake, maybe. 


What sort of “proclivities” are we talking about?

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somehow i got flats done???? i kind of want to pass out but i also kind of want to finishl…. this… tonight


altmer or, as i like to call them, banana elves

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dear cas