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the graphics in this game have much sexiness

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H i s  h a n d s  d o  v i o l e n c e

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prolonged si ghing because i’m a huge child

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i like romances in video games because i’ll never have one in real life 

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not feeling it rn

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TES Creation Deities, an infographic.

Anu and Padomay predate both time and other, more familiar deities such as Mara, Stendarr, etc. The interaction of stasis and change produced Aurbis, the universe. Within Aurbis: Oblivion, Aetherius, Mundus, and the Void.

Anu rebirthed its soul to produce Anui-El, everlasting light and the soul of all things. Padomay rebirthed its soul to produce Sithis, the void.

When Anui-El rebirthed as Auri-El (more familiarly: Akatosh) time began, and when Sithis rebirthed as Lorkhan, Sithis’ wish for Lorkhan was to destroy.

Interestingly: Lorkhan’s nature is not one of destruction, but of creation: ‘his’ (Lorkhan is often gendered as male) body compromises Nirn, the planet/plane that Tamriel and all living things, daedra excluded, live on. At the same time, Lorkhan was destroyed so that Nirn could exist, but according to many renditions of creation myths, he ‘tricked’ the other Aedra - their energy cost to creat Nirn was so great that they were trapped in Mundus (‘the world’, the sphere where both Nirn and the remnants of the creator Aedra dwell) forever, severing them (and their supposed descendants, the mer) from Aetherius. 

Auri-El is a deity favored by mer, while Lorkhan is a deity favored by men. Lorkhan is neither Aedra nor Daedra, but something in-between. 

All reincarnations are direct opposites of one another, and exert opposite pulls of influence. However, because Lorkhan has ‘died’ (effectively disappeared from existence), he is often referred to as “The Missing God” and exerts his influence on Nirn via other, more indirect means, usually agents named “Shezarrines”. Akatosh leads most pantheons as the First God, but does not exclusively aid mer. 

Both Akatosh and Lorkhan are the only truly ubiquitous deities that show up in every race’s pantheon. 

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it’s a shame the assassin’s creed series ended before desmond could open the temple

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Being Irish, the saddest day in a parent’s life is when your Lamb trots off to school for the first time :’( - Imgur

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 “Tiffany stone is a rare, opaque gemstone found only in a small region of southwestern Utah”

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dear cas