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the lizard peperonie birthday vid makes me c r y

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that shitty feeling when you wanna go out & be social, but once you’re out, all you wanna do is be back at home

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Every word a defiance.
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when my mum scolds me


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Skyrim Adventures → Part 10/??

the chantry of auri-el
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Make me choose:
↳  asked: Moxxi or Sir Hammerlock

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whether or not a woman shaves is hardly the biggest issue we have going on when the dragons are coming back and ulfric stormcloak murdered the high king WITH HIS VOICE. SHOUTED HIM APART

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Baby: M-m-m
Mom: Marxism will prevail?
Baby: M-mommy
Mom: You are a bourgeois sympathist baby and if you had been educated you would need reeducation. Instead, I will raise you as a communist
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#hol yfu fking shit





listen you boutta have the thickest smoodie of all time, where is your liquid? your ice? weak ass aesthetics, try again

smh they leave the strawberry tops on… might as well leave the gotdam banana peels on

u can eat strawberry tops… & recent studies are showing banana peels are healthy n nutritious for u:…. The turntables

n im sure the outside of a coconut is mad high in fiber but im not bout ta eat woodchips cause of no govermence scienticians

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the famous jellies

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dear cas